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Field Trip Destinations Include:

Field Trip Destinations

At ROMP we know that all dogs large and small have a need to run. To open up and ROMP, smell and be stimulated by their environment. Our Field Trips supply all of the above.

Each Field Trip consists of a full two hour session focusing on fitness, and includes twenty five minutes at the end of each session for socialization consisting of games designed to require full attention and interaction with others in the group.

We are always seeking new places to explore. Spangler Park has awesome trails and plenty of great smells to stimulate. The terrain is such that all pups receive the work out which benefits them the most.

We match each group with similar abilities, older members will be grouped so they may enjoy at a slightly less exerting pace. Young and swift will enjoy the same!


"The DOG is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

Author Unknown

Your pup will be picked up and delivered home to you satisfied with their daily fitness session. (Nap time) :) You may request a wash, and blow out prior to delivery,especially important during the Holiday Season! Check back often to learn of new and exciting destinations we have added.



SEARCH is a game I like to engage our customers pups in during our field trips. This game stimulates the dogs most valuable sense his sense of smell.

We start by tossing a favorite treat about 5 feet in front of each pup and tell them to find it. We repeat this same command while moving the treat further away with each "wait" and then find it. This game can last as long as your treats (use a low cal small treat such as Bil Jac liver training snack) they are very aromatic, this will help as the treat is hidden behind trees or in low brush. This game engages the mind and teaches self control as you are hiding the treat!

Read next month as we explore more of the fun games you can play with your pup!

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