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We wanted to share some of the recommendations, comments and emails we have received in reference to our products and services!

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Paula takes Viva, our Vizsla, for weekly walks and extended stays when we’re away. We couldn't be happier about her service. Knowing that Viva has someone to be with that cares for her as much as we do, and somewhere to go that is as welcoming a place as when she’s here at home, means the world.

Paula doesn't only take great care of our girl and exercise her properly, she’s also worked with her to make her a more responsive and, ultimately, happier pup. Viva loves her ROMP adventures!


Paula has both boarded our Black Russian Terrier and takes him on Romps every week. Audi could not be happier when she comes and is always tired when he returns. She has really helped with some aggression and obedience issues he was having. When Audi boards with Paula I know he is getting all the love he needs and it is one less worry on vacation. He loves going with Paula!

Denise F.

I call Paula a dog whisperer.  Our two dogs are so happy to see her when she comes to the door.  They know they're loved and well taken care of.  And when they come back from their grooming, they are clean and looking beautiful and their fur is so soft.  And when they board at ROMP while we're on vacation, we get pictures texted to us so we can see our pups out for their fun and exercise.  It really helps us to relax knowing Lucy and Honey are happy and safe.  We highly recommend Paula!!

Joe, Lola, & Buster

Paula Cartwright has been taking care of my two dogs ("Lola & Buster") for many years and I have nothing but high regard for her care for my dogs. Lola & Buster love her also. Paula cares for Lola & Buster and worries about them as if they were her own pets. In fact, she typically sees things before I do and helps out in any way possible. I have had Paula take my dogs on weekly day trips steadly for years and she has boarded them when I went out of town on trips. Paula always does an excellant job with my kids. She has become part of our little family......

Thanks Paula.... For everything..!!!


Paula took excellent care of our three dogs while we were out of town. Before we met Paula, we would often have behavior problems with our dogs while we were gone, and upon our return they acted as if we had been gone for ages. This all changed with ROMP! Under Paula's care, they got plenty of exercise and attention, and when we got home, our dogs seemed to say "when can you leave again?" We loved receiving picture updates of our dogs' adventures, and we could rest assured knowing they were being treated like family. We love ROMP, and we know our dogs do too!


I hired Paula to look after my 4 small dogs, 4 birds, turtle, fish and Hermit crab during a recent 4-day hospital stay. She was awesome! She visited my home several times daily, fed and cleaned up after my entire animal family, and spent extra time visiting and snuggling with my dogs since I was not there to do it! Paula is very warm and friendly, my foursome of happy, overprotective mutts warmed up to her very quickly! Since she is an avid dog lover herself, she understands completely the needs and concerns of dog owners, and will visit with you until she is sure that she will be able to provide you with the exact services you are looking for! Really cannot say enough good things!


Paula takes AMAZING care of our high-energy Vizsla. During the weekly field trips, she combines training work with roaming free, so our pooch’s manners are improving while her mid-week outing helps to burn off some of that Vizsla energy. We also board with Paula, and are always relieved that we can leave our pampered pooch with someone who so obviously cares for her as one of her own.


While we were on vacation, Paula took great care of Lucy, our precious golden retriever. We received pictures of Lucy roaming the great outdoors, getting the exercise she loves. Lucy also had a nice area to have her dog bed and blanket, and she received nutritious dog treats. Paula groomed her as well.

It gave us such peace of mind to have Paula taking care of Lucy. It made our vacation so much more enjoyable. We will definitely be using Paula again in the future for boarding, and we have switched grooming services and now have Paula do Lucy's grooming as well.


I wanted to say thank you for the amazing food you made for Dante. Dante is no dummy and he often saves his kibble in order to see how much human food he can get before eating his own. That has changed with the addition of the meals you made for him. I have never seen him so exited to receive his dinner. Your dog food is not only healthy and well thought out but also my dog's favorite meal, he enjoys it more than treats and even the occasional steak scraps. I don't think anyone in your industry is putting as much though and care into their product as you are. I personally understand the difficulties of undertaking an entrepreneurial venture such as your own but you have something that most people don't, a truly amazing product. I am currently talking to fellow dog lovers about your product, both your food and your services, and I hope to send you some business. Also, a photographer friend of mine wants to come with me to Loveland Pass for some ski photos with Dante. I want to forward these photos to you for you to use for marketing, free of charge of course. I believe in your product and I am astounded by the amount of passion you clearly put in to what you do.
Thanks again



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